What is 100over

What is 100over?

Most flights are currently accomplished with docks in different cities and countries. Tickets with transplant is often much cheaper than direct flights, although the road is more tedious. But not every traveler knows that the docking can be stretched for several days and you will have the opportunity to walk around the city in which a transplant is carried out. This feature is called StopOver (Stopper).

Stopover – It is a stop at the intermediate point of your route for more than 23 hours 59 minutes (3 hours 59 minutes, in the case of flights in North America or 5 hours 59 minutes in case of flights across Central America and Panama).

Unfortunately, not all airlines and tariffs allow "Stopper", in some cases it is prohibited or implies an additional fee, as a rule, about 50 euros. However, there are pleasant exceptions. For example, when "Stopper" in Singapore, you not only get the opportunity to walk around the city, but also receive a free airport shuttle service, as well as free tickets to Zoo, Orchid Park, Bird Park and T.D. There are good suggestions for airlines and at the "Stopper" in Doha or Dubai, as well as Turkish Airlines in Istanbul.

What is 100over

How to book "Stopper"?

To begin with, you need to familiarize yourself with the rules of the airline tariff, whether it allows "Stopper". If so, then proceed to booking the air ticket.

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