What do they eat

What do they eat?

"I am what I eat!"" So it sounds in modern times more than a paraphrased hypocratic saying: "Tell me what you eat, and I will tell you what you are more.".

Diet says a lot about man. "My Planet" has already acquainted readers with a series of photographs of Peter Mencell, on which he captured residents of different corners of the globe with a set of products that they have enough for the day. Another time the photographer asked people to take their most valuable property from the house and captured it in the pictures. The next draft of the same author allows you to look into the refrigerators of families from all over the world.

What do they eat

So you can learn not only about inconsider, but also about national culinary traditions that go back to the depths of centuries. Somewhere in nutrition, meat prevails, and somewhere, on the contrary, people are satisfied with croups and greens. It is especially interesting to trace the difference in food prices: one families are enough of several dozen dollars to have a whole week, another requires $ 500. A considerable role in these still lifes playing the interior. In photos, you can find a typical American cuisine, like in a movie, and a clay dwelling, and a simple tent in the desert.

"My Planet" offers to your attention a photoproject that is eloquent than all news reports talks about the state of affairs in the world.

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