What can not be done in Japan

What can not be done in Japan

In Japan, there are many non-obvious customs for which a foreigner is going as an elephant in the dishwasher. If you come as a tourist and for a while, do not know the language, go according to standard routes – you probably never even tell you about most nuances, the Japanese are generally quite delicate. But if you want to gently fit into the local culture – then here is a small guide on good manners. Use on health!

    Do not remove shoes
    In Japan, it is customary to divide the space – a residential building separately, the street is separate, the temple is separate and t. D. Before entering you, you will be waiting for small thresholds and a place where you need to go out and leave shoes. In the residential building in shoes only at the funeral (and aromatic sticks are harvested only at the funeral too). Do not forget to go out when you go to visit! Street shoes must be removed before entering Buddhist temples, in the interior. There are special slippers for toilets and bath. Even just put the sneakers in the room in which you went down the street (the Japanese would say: "The soles of which concerned the street") – already violation of decency. Keep track of the icons Please take your shoes off. Walk along wooden barefoot temples, by the way, very nice.
What can not be done in Japan

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