What can and what is impossible in Sweden

What can and what is impossible in Sweden

In the kingdom, Sweden has been preserved so-called since a long time "Universal law" (ALLEMANSRATTEN) – human right to move freely around the country. It applies to foreign tourists. It has two main "not": do not interfere and not destroy. The rest of the rule are:

– go through the land in private possession and even put a tent on the night, in private possessions you can also swim and swim by boat;

– Fish fires, if it is not a dry season when it is forbidden fires forbidden specifically due to the danger of forest fires;

– Get your food "primitive way". In addition to collecting mushrooms and berries, fishing is allowed. In the lakes of Vennurn, vetere, Melogen and Yelmar can be fired free. For fishing in the rest of the reservoirs, a special resolution is needed – Fiskekort. It is sold in local information bureaus and sports stores.

– join the territory of the reserve, walk on sowing and household sites;

– approach private homes, leave on the road or the garbage at home, cause damage to buildings and nature;

What can and what is impossible in Sweden

– Pour trees, break or saw branches and ruin the bird nests;

– enter the car into the forest where the road is not laid;

– burn fires on the rocks to avoid their cracking.

According to the Swedish guidebook from the PoligLott series, manufactured by the company "Double B".

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