West Hollywood Mansions and Cottages

West Hollywood Mansions and Cottages

The beginning of our Big American Travel It was found in Los Angeles, City-industry city, brilliant success on the field of media culture.
Walk through the streets West Hollywood With his mansions and cottages characterizes the life of celebrities, future brilliant stars of Hollywood, writers, screenwriters, producers.

Undoubtedly, their private life is hidden behind green hedges and fences, but the buildings of various style and wealth rise above them, which are quite visible from the streets.

In the area is located Wattles Garden Park, The estate known since 1907 of the rich magnate Gurdon Wattles, Now its territory is available for walking and picnics. House – Private property, but for rent for celebrations and events.

Nearby are gardens previously owned by the estate. Now these are private owners where fruits and flowers are grown. Banana trees even in January bloom and bring fruit.

Groves tangerine trees swept fruits.

West Hollywood Mansions and Cottages

Heavy papaya fruits are about to fall from the tree.

Brightly flowing hibiscus.

We continue our walk on the street Sierra Bonita AV. Mansions, similar to castles, used green plants and surrounded by thickets of palm trees and flowering shrubs.

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