Week Bergman

Week Bergman

Festival opened at the Swedish Island "Week Bergman", which year is 10 years old. The program of this forum includes showing artistic and documentaries, meetings with cultural figures, performances, seminars, conversations, excursions in places of shooting Bergman ribbons, exhibitions and concerts. Spectators are waiting for films "Seventh stamp", "whispers and screams", "Evening jesters", "scenes of married life", "silence". The picture "As in the mirror" will present the actress of Harriet Andersson in it, ITAR-TASS reports.

During the current festival, cinema lovers will be able to meet with the American director of Noah Bumbach, the British director Sally Potter, who will bring his new film "Ginger and Rosa" to the for .. and many other famous cultural figures.

Week Bergman

The role of Bergman in the literature will be discussed with visitors Famous Swedish writers.

The name of the director, the scenario and writer Ingmar Bergman is inextricably linked with the island of Foreo. For the first time he came there in April 1960 in search of a place to filming the film "Through the dim glass". Then this little piece of sushi made an unforgettable impression on the director. As a result, seven paintings of Bergman were removed there. Foreo Bergman spent the last thirty years of his life and was buried on a local church.

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