Wedding in Prague may be unusual

Wedding in Prague can be unusual

Wedding in the Czech Republic is not the most exotic, but no doubt the most stylish ceremony. It will become a truly beautiful and romantic event and will remember all participants for a long time. One of the advantages of the wedding in the Czech Republic before other, more exotic directions – you can invite relatives and friends. After all, not everyone can withstand a long flight to Asia or Ocean. In addition, the wedding in Prague will cost much cheaper.

An unusual wedding in the Czech Republic can be organized not only in one of the castles, but also in the capital. You can register marriage not only in Prague Town Hall, but also in the city palace – the ceremony is held in the hall of the president’s techniques, as well as to play the wedding in the beautiful castle gardens of Prague Castle.

Wedding in Prague may be unusual

As noted, the wedding in the Czech Republic is not too expensive, at a price it is comparable with a medium wedding organized in Moscow. Note that the list of documents is quite simple: abroad and in the inner our passport, a birth certificate, a marital status certificate, a questionnaire. And it is not necessary to sign twice – in Russia, and then abroad, the marriage registered on the territory of the Czech Republic is recognized worldwide, including in our country.

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