We invite you to the premiere of the film “The World Market. Budapest”

We invite you to the premiere of the film "The World Market. Budapest"

In the new series, the author and leading project will go to the central market of the city of Budapest. And he has $ 50 to spend them on the most unexpected and oscillates. Premiere of the "World Market. Budapest "will take place on December 9 in the CDC.

Alexander Gingerbikov to be traded for fua-gra-grade production and salami from a special Hungarian breed of pigs – Mangalitsa. Between the case, the presenter will try gusing cracker, without which it is impossible to imagine neither Prague nor Budapest.

We invite you to the premiere of the film

On the market, Alexander Gibshikov will meet Benz Brata – the world champion in collecting Rubik’s cube and get acquainted with the owner of the trading shop, where Margaret Thatcher, Ulof Palma and Ariel Sharon, were commissioned for honey and garlic. Another amazing meeting is waiting for gingerbread with the seller of spices, which will be not only a good merchant, but also a football player of the local team. On his advice, the host will try the Hungarian Percelt – chicken in the sauce of paprika and carrots. And under the guidance of the chefs of gingerbreads from almond and sugar trying to blind elegant marzipan rose.

After the film on its adventures in the central market, Budapest will tell the participants of the creative group of the film. As part of the project "Premour Show" TV channel "My Planet" shows on a wide screen Documentary films of the TV channel a few days before their release. The project started a year ago, in December 2013.

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