Waterpark “Sealanya” Attractions Alanya Travel Guide

Water Park "Sealanya"

Having gathered on a trip to Alanya, do not forget to look into the water park «Sialanya», Which works year-round. The trip from the city will take 20 minutes by bus, especially as adults, and children will find a lot of interesting things there. Calculate that you spend in the park all day, because to inspect everything, you will need a lot of time.

so, «Slow river» – This water attraction will allow to examine the park. Take a journey to the seabed – Very informative and interesting occupation – to wear a suit, immerse yourself on the bottom of the reservoir in the center of the park and see life under water. Aquarium with sharks and skates will not definitely leave you indifferent.


Dolphinarium Park «Sialanya» Will conquer you with naval animals: dolphins, quotes, lions. Animals perform various tricks, to amuse the audience, charge positive energy. And if you want, you can swim with dolphin. During the day you can see several views «Artists», The main thing will take care of tickets. It is also interesting to look at the life of crocodiles. Wolter with these animals also have in «Sialyan».

On the territory of the park it is impossible to stay hungry: restaurants and bars are waiting for visitors. And tired of impressions can be sunbathe on the beach, which is an integral part of the water park «Sialanya».


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