Waterfalls Ton of Prai and Tone Sai Sights Phuket Travel Guide

Waterfalls Ton Play and Tone Sai

On Phuket several waterfalls, but due to the relax features (it is without strong drops in height) is not much large.

Waterfall Ton Play One of the highest and full of stock on the island. Water here flows a single wide stream from a height of about 25 meters. But beautiful waterfall looks only in the rainy season. In the dry season from the waterfall remains a small manner. Tone Prai is located next to Bangpi waterfall, but unaccompanied should not try to take a walk from one to another. First, the surrounding jungle is really wild, and secondly, local monkeys understand only Thai.

For a walk to waterfalls it is better to choose comfortable shoes, as the paths to the sources themselves are soil, places in a large natural stone and crossed by the roots of century-old trees.

Waterfalls Ton of Prai and Tone Sai Sights Phuket Travel Guide

Tone Sai (Ton Sai Waterfall) The most picturesque waterfall of Phuket. Spilling water here in the rain season goes along the horizontal leaving of the rock. From the lesions of water with thin jets and numerous waterfalls falling down. There are a lot of pedestrian trail around the waterfall, quite comfortable for walking between tropical trees and lianami. Not far from this waterfall there is a small restaurant.

Entry to each of the waterfalls costs 200 baht for an adult and 100 baht for a child. You can travel to the park on the park, additionally paying the duty in 30 baht.

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