Waterfalls of the Krka Natural Park Sights of Split Turprom Travel Guide

Waterfalls of the Krka Natural Park

Krka National Park is located on the territory of Shibensko-Banskaya County and covers an area of ​​109 km2. The main part of the park passes along the shores of the Krka River and the lower flow of the Chicola River.

The Krka River is a natural phenomenon, t.To. proceeds in the karst region and forms about seven waterfalls with a total height of about 242 m. Travertine waterfalls of the Krka River, as well as the rich local flora and fauna, are considered an exceptional generation of this reservoir.

As the protection of the unique zone of river floodplains, at the end of the 20th century, the KRKA National Park was created.

The most famous among local waterfalls – This is a freshly abdinity beech in which visitors are allowed to swim. The height of the water drop here is 42 meters. Next to this waterfall is the most interesting ethnographic museum.

Waterfalls of the Krka Natural Park Sights of Split Turprom Travel Guide

The main waterfalls of the system are distinguished by a naval (drop of water from 60 to 32 meters) and rocker slop (22.5 meters). In addition to them, Bilushić Beech (22 meters), Milychka Slap (24 meters), Brlyan (15 meters) and Rosnyak (8 meters).

On the territory of the sights are allowed hiking and car walks that occupy from 1.5 to 3 hours. Perhaps a water journey through the River Krka or organization of excursion by the Park staff.

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