Waterfall mouth Devil. Hot key

Waterfall mouth Devil. Hot key

Good time day.
I want to share with you beautiful places in the vicinity of the resort hot key.
The city of the hot key is in the foothills of the Caucasus, due to this in its area there is a large number of picturesque natural attractions.
The first route with which I want to introduce you is a waterfall mouth of the devil. The passage will leave 3 to 4 hours depending on the time of the privala.
This forest route starts from Schorsov Street on the road flowing into the forest. On a certain length of this road, you can drive by car, but not too far. The trail moves along the gap along the stream of Maltsev Erik.

After some time we go to a clear fork, turning to the right, 10 meters you can see a ferrous springer.

And if you take another meter 100, you will see the rock outlet, having a cliff name mirror. This rock has a negative slope and regularly used climbers for training.

But we return back and moving on and soon come to the waterfall. In the summer, the waterfall itself can not be seen, but, washed away, a small gorge is very impressive.

Waterfall mouth Devil. Hot key

Rising upstairs on the right side can be located on a short holiday. Further path will go up. Rising to the ridge cat, go out on the road.

Turn to the right and moving along the ridge on the ridge directly to the sanatorium zone. If you choose a good time for a hike, you can be rewarded with delicious gifts of nature.

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