Wardrobe for Well “- An interesting custom of the inhabitants of Derbyshire and Staffordshire in England

"Wardrobe for the Well" – an interesting custom of the inhabitants of Derbyshire counties and Staffordshire in England

Residents of the villages take large wooden boards, cover their clay, and then decorate their petals of flowers, branches, seeds and other natural objects to create scenes from the Bible and folk fairy tales.

Today, few people remember, where did this strange custom come from. Many historians believe that before it was a pagan ritual of gratitude to the gods for the water they give people.

In medieval England, the lack of elementary hygiene and dirty water led to frequent outbreaks of such dangerous diseases as plague and cholera. Periods of these ailments in due time took tens of lives in almost every village of this region.

During the famous period of "black death" in 1348-1349, when about a third of the Population of England died of diseases, in the county of Derbyshire, it was possible to avoid human victims. One of theories is that the villagers in gratitude their source of water for salvation from the "black death" began to decorate it with various natural elements.

Wardrobe for Well

Another theory is that during a long drought in 1615, the well was the only source of water, so it was appreciated and decorated in a sign of special reverence.

Today there are several villages that have retained this tradition since the days of Middle Ages. You can see some of the most colorful wells and Rodnikov in the village Tissington in Derbyshire. Many residents of nearby cities are specially coming here to see this beauty with their own eyes.

Wardrobe for Well

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