Wall crying Sights of Jerusalem Travel Guide

Wall of Tears

Crying wall is part of a powerful stone side that was built around the temple mountain. She miraculously survived after the destruction of the 1st century. This is one of the most beautiful places in Jerusalem and the most significant for the Jewish people.

The wall was erected at the very beginning of the 1st century BC.NS. Thanks to Irod a great, who wanted to support earthen embankment in this way. The overall length of the crying wall is almost 60 meters, and the height reaches 20 meters. Masters lived 45 near the masonry, almost half of which is located underground. Praying the wall began after the temple was destroyed. Thus, the Jews mourned the disappeared shrine and asked God to help he assume in the revival of the city. For several years, in the period when the power was at Jordan, the Jews did not have access to the wall of crying. But after the victory of Israeli troops in the 60-year war, the walls again heard plenty of their people.

Wall crying Sights of Jerusalem Travel Guide

Near the wall regularly stand praying, it does not matter the day or night. Wall – Symbol of Faith and Hope. Numerous tourists come here, write notes and attach them between stones, in the wall, with the hope that their Iolyans will be heard. Traditionally, men and women are suitable for hay from different sides. Before approaching the shrine, you need to cover your legs and put on a hat.

Wall crying Sights of Jerusalem Travel Guide

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