Visas will be in China – Drive to Hong Kong

Visas: Will in China – Walk to Hong Kong

From January 18, the immigration service of Hong Kong introduced a system of accelerated issuing visas to our tourists who comes to China and wishing to visit the Anklav territory at the same time.

Every year in China there are about half a million tourists from Russia. As a rule, their excursion route includes visiting three cities – Beijing, Shanghai and Shenzhen. The latter is just a few hours drive from Hong Kong. Therefore, many ours would probably agree to add to Shenzhen a few days staying in Hong Kong.

Visas will be in China - Drive to Hong Kong

Until now, the obstacle was a local visa registrar. Hong Kong, in July 1997 swallowed by China’s jurisdiction, retained visa autonomy. Now, as a result of Negotiations with Beijing, it was decided: requests from our tourgroups who are traveling on the PRC and issued an application for a visit to Hong Kong, satisfy within three days from the date of appeal. Now the Chinese visa costs $ 50, Hong Kong – $ 30. For those who immediately apply for visit and China, and Hong Kong, both visas will cost $ 50.

So far, for Chinese travel agencies engaged in the organization of tours for us, a quota is established: every day an enclave can attend no more than 100 guests from Russia. However, according to the Chinese Ministry of Tourism, as the tourist flux increases from Russia, the quota will increase.

Visas will be in China - Drive to Hong Kong

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