Visas in Tunisia Personal Experience

Visas in Tunisia: Personal experience

Passing the boundary back and back and forbidden export of Tunisian dinars

Flew from Rostov to Enfida Charter. In the Tunisian border really asked overseas. passport and migration card, reverse flights did not ask. Migration is better to save before departure from the country, and then you will have to fill it again, spend your time. As for the prohibited export of local dinar, it was without any problems to take a paper bill of 5 dinar in the baggage, and after passport control, during the passage of personal inspection, I put 2 iron coins in open, the metal detector passed and back in front of the border guard took them. But it is not worth risking, so ideally if you want to take a couple of bills, export in baggage. Also, the trasnfer guide said not to risk at all, you can voluntarily show the border guard coin and explain that this is a gift (Present), well, something like this)) and up to 5 dinar allowed to take out. In fact, did not check this system.

Consular Division in Moscow

Even the voucher was not asked

Visas in Tunisia Personal Experience

Kartage Plus, Monastir Airport.

They were surprised that on the border control, even a voucher from the tour operator for accommodation in the hotel did not ask. Only filled with migration cards, 1/2 part of the card are given for presentation on the reverse.

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