Victoria (Victoria)

Victoria (Victoria)

Victoria (Victoria) – The capital of the Seychelles, located on.Mae. This is the only city of the republic and more than 25,000 people live in it (more than a third of the country’s total population), it is the smallest capital of the world.

Founded in 1841 g. As a port and named after the English Queen Port Victoria. Since 1960 – Modern name.

There are practically no buildings above 3 floors, as there is a ban on the construction of buildings above the palm trees, so as not to spoil the landscape.

The city is located at the foot of the mountain. In fact, here is one main street, which is a continuation of port berths and stretching through the whole city. It is a miniature copy of London Big Ben. Local colorful bazaar is nearby.

Victoria (Victoria)

In Victoria there are as many two traffic lights, only on the whole archipelago.

Main attractions: Cathedral of immaculate conception, Museum of Natural History, Kraft Village, where artisans exhibit their work, Historical Museum, Botanical Garden Mon-Flery and Orchid Garden. Here you can also visit Michael Adams workshop – The famous Seychelles artist, whose canvases are highly appreciated by connoisseurs.

Islanders mostly Catholics, and on holidays they are going to Cathedral of Our Lady. But along with the Catholic church in the capital, the Hindu temple and the Muslim mosque ride not far from the bazaar.

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