Via Doloros Sights of Jerusalem Travel Guide

Via Doloros

Beautiful name «Via Dollaoza» It serves to designate the path that Jesus passed before his crucifier. Translated from the Latin language, the sonor name is translated as «Sorrow Road».

Today, one of Jerusalem’s streets in the old town is named after Jerusalem. It begins with a lion gate and ends with the temple of the coffin. Modern routes of pilgrims arose on the basis of legends and gods. In the middle of the 14th century, a group of monks decided to revive the path passed by Jesus and began to arrange the procession. At this time, the name is born «station», T.E. Places where everyone stayed and read prayers. Previously, the number of such stops reached 20. For a long time, the number of them became greater, then less. In the 17th century, the number stopped at 14. For the first time name «Via Dollaoza» was used by monk in the 16th century. Then in this term it was not the concept not how much route how much processing method. The street was so called only at the end of the beginning of the century.

Via Doloros Sights of Jerusalem Travel Guide

Most likely, the path that the Jesus overcomed in many respects does not coincide with today’s. After all, for such a number of time, the streets of Jerusalem changed at times and rebuilt. If you decide to go through this long road, only 9 stations will fall on your way, the remaining 5 is the relatives of the coffin temple.

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