Vanuatu Island Maevo

Vanuatu: Maevo Island

The thin strip of the mountains extended the Maewo Island (Maewo) between the Pentette and Islands of Banks. On the slopes of the central ridge of Maevo, up to 4000 mm rain falls per year, so it is not surprising that the whole island is excised by hundreds of rivers and streams, forming a whole network under the canopy of virgin forest.

Most of the Maevo population lives on a narrow coastal strip along the western coast. Their main source of income is a copra or traditionally grown Kava and Tarot.

The sights of the island include the Bay Asanwan on the south coast – one of the most beautiful places of Vanuatu, numerous waterfalls around Ansyavana, the Moon Cave Cave, a magnificent waterfall near the local airfield, two mysterious coral monoliths at the Kerembai village (in local legends, these are two sinners, which The gods turned into a stone), hot springs in Lolar and Haiofo, cascade of waterfalls in Na alone and sunken vessel near Talis.

Vanuatu Island Maevo

Witchcraft, secret societies and rich mythology flourish on the island, despite his tragic history.

In the XIX century, approximately 90% of the population of Maevo died as a result of diseases delivered by Europeans and slave trade. Therefore, many ancient rites, some miracle stored surviving islanders, represent undoubted cultural interest.

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