USA State Georgia

USA: Georgia

GAORGIA (Georgia, Area 154 thousand. kv. km) lies in the very center of the southern regions of the Atlantic coast. Appalachians end here and the plain areas adjacent to the Mexican Bay are beginning, but the North-West Georgia is also a gorge, as well as his northern neighbors, so the capital and the largest city of Atlanta – is included in the top of the highest cities of the United States. Her most prominent landmarks – the Bank of America Plaza complex (312 m – 26th place in the list of the highest buildings on Earth) and opened in 2006 skyscraper Symphony Tower (1180 Peachtree Tower, height 200 m) – the most eco-friendly skyscraper of the United States.

Eastern Atlanta rises rock massif Stone Mountain – the largest output of granite rocks on the surface of the continent. Within it are the famous bas-American president of Davis, Lee and Jackson, the cable car, as well as a theme park “six flags” (Six Flags), part of the chain of the same name of the planet’s largest amusement parks.

USA State Georgia

Also noteworthy old town of miners Dahlonega, Marine Science Center on the island Tibi, “Little White House” President Roosevelt Warm Springs, more than a thousand historic buildings and Fort Pulaski in Savannah, and Calloway gardens Mountain Pine and extensive swamp Okefenoki – one of the most beautiful wilderness areas of the country.

USA State Georgia
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