Urban Strengthening of Pickle Sightseeing Parka Travel Guide

Urban fortifications of Perk

The rich and dramatic history of Croatia and, in particular, Prachish, always assumed increased attention to defense facilities. And the city standing almost on the very coast and was simply necessary to protect against the invasion of the sea.

Surrounded by strong urban walls City–Porec fortress was a fortified settlement until the arrival of the French in the XIX century. Strengthening raised over several centuries – From the XII to the XVI century inclusive and were mainly the continuation of the ancient fortifications of the VI century. Today, fragmentary parts in the style of Baroque remained from the city walls, the most remarkable of which – These are several towers of the XV century: pentagonal, southern (round) and north (semicircular).

Urban Strengthening of Pickle Sightseeing Parka Travel Guide

Towers are free for visiting: Pentagonal tower, created in the spirit of Gothic and is located on the street Dekumanos. This building, decorated with Venetian stone lion, previously connected with the city gates, from which it was separated in the XIX century. The tower turned out to be so popular that over time there was even a restaurant where you can try national dishes of Croatia.

Southern Tower is a later structure and is located near the city theater. From the North Tower to our time there were only picturesque ruins, which are also interested to visit.

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