Unique postal metro in London

Unique postal metro in London

The idea of ​​the construction of an underground railway connecting almost all major post offices of the city was born from Londonian postal service engineers in the second half of the XIX century.

Already in those days on the roads of London were large traffic jams that made it difficult for the operational delivery of mail.

London engineers took the basis of similar underground lines, which were located in Chicago and Berlin.

In 1917, the construction of tunnels was suspended due to war. Many tunnels during this period of time were used to store funds of some London museums.

Construction resumed only in 1925. After installing special elevators, postal conveyors and other necessary accessories in 1927, the line was commissioned.

The main line passes through a large two-way tunnel with a diameter of 2.75 meters.

Unique postal metro in London

Delivery of mail was carried out in small trains made up of 2-3 cargoes.

The postal metro was used until 2003, after which it was canned. Due to the large maintenance costs, it was decided to close it and convert to the tourist object.

Today, anyone can ride along the old postal line instead of letters and newspapers. The entire route lasts just over 20 minutes and extends a few kilometers.

Unique postal metro in London

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