Underwater World Sights of Pattaya Travel Guide

Underwater world

Underwater world in Pattaya – This is an excellent aquarium in which representatives of the underwater world of the Siamese Bay are collected. Aquarium is a tunnel of a long 105 meters and is actually divided into 4 segments.

First cut – Collection of rare and very beautiful fish, mainly living in the area of ​​coral reefs. Second – Represents the opportunity near to see representatives of large predatory fish – sharks as well as skates. The third zone will help see all the variety of edible fish, which are industrially mined in the tropical seas. Here, inhabit the sea turtles. But the fourth zone is populated by representatives that are not typical of the Siamese bay – These are fish Amazonia, toothy Piranhas, as well as the largest representatives of the fish kingdom.

Immediately at the entrance to the underwater world you get to the zone where you can touch all maritime inhabitants. I am pleased to visit the ridges, you can stroke a starfish and even touch the little shark. Well, the most chic oceanarium – Turtles that can be stroked.

Underwater World Sights of Pattaya Travel Guide

Complete the excursion to the underwater world show otre. It is necessary to refer in advance with the schedule, usually the show takes three times a day.

The ticket costs 500 baht for adults and 300 baht childrens. Visit the underwater world from 9 am to 18 pm daily.

Underwater World Sights of Pattaya Travel Guide

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