Underground city will be built in Burgas

Underground city will be built in Burgas

The construction of the underground city will begin in Burgas, the deputy of the city of Yordanka Ananiev said in an interview "Focus". The new attraction will be in bomb shelters that were built in the 60s of the last century. They consist of 12 galleries interconnected by 17 corridors and 4 outputs, a total area of ​​3180 kV.M.

The entrance to the labyrinth will start in the Primorsky Garden near the fountain, reports E-Burgas.Com.

Underground city will be built in Burgas

In the first gallery called "Sea bottom", There will be sand and aquarium. In the second gallery – "Sound ship", You can find various treasures. The third and eighth gallery will represent a reduced copy of emblematic for Burgas Square with a fountain, bench, street lamps, a statue, magic vases with flowers, with a scene, decorated as an old city theater, will be able to listen to street musicians and. In the fourth and fifth gallery, the atmosphere of the Old Town – in it will be located ancient houses. The seventh is called "Oracle", from which you can go straight on the city beach.

In other halls, various exhibitions will be held, performances, theatrical performances. In addition to entertaining, bomb shelter will save their main function. It is expected that the future city will be ready in six months, to the summer season.

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