Ulcinj (ulcinj)

Ulcinj (ulcinj)

Ulcinj (ulcinj) City on the Adriatic Sea coast in Montenegro. Population 10 828 people (2003).

The city itself is considered to be based in the V century BC. NS. Greek colonists from Kolkhida called Colchinium.

Ultsin – the southernmost city of Montenegro, located near the border with Albania on beautiful hills with rich Mediterranean vegetation. Here is a record number of sunny days a year for the entire Montenegrin coast of Adriatic Whole 217. Bathing season lasts from April to November, the water temperature often exceeds +26 °C.

24-kilometer beach Ultsinsky Riviera – the most extended in the whole Montenegro. In the local sand contains many salts and iodine, giving him healing properties.

Ulcinj (ulcinj)

The most famous local beach "Big", It stretches for 13 km and ends on the island of Boyan you know in Europe a nudist rootist. There are also several KiteSerforsk stations on the coast. In the center of the city on the shore of a shallow bay there is a small beach 650 m long.

25 km from Ultsin in the place where the water of the Boyana River fell into the Adriatic Sea, is the island of Ada Boyana. Here, the atmosphere of wildlife, losingity and cutoff from the big world has been preserved, because of which this place is called Amazonia Europe. On the island there is a famous exclusive village of Naturists, capable of take up to 1000 people who prefer unity with nature.

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