Turtle Island Sightseeing of Samui Travel Guide

Turtle Island

Turtle or Turtle Island (To Tao) is 70 km north of Samui. There you can take a group excursion or hire a private conductor on the boat. About where is the name of the island, there are two versions. First – On this island, the turtles were once taken out of their offspring (now the turtles here to see problematic), the second – Island outlines resembles a turtle.

The island will be attractive, first of all, those who love diving with aqualung. It is here that a chic coral reef is located, which is well suited for both beginners of scuba and divers, and for very experienced and seeking complex immersion of specialists. The underwater world of colorful corals, anemones and fish will not leave anyone indifferent!

The connoisseurs of beautiful tropical nature will also find than admire on the turtle island – He is rightly considered one of the most beautiful islands of the Siamese Bay.

Turtle Island Sightseeing of Samui Travel Guide

On the island it is easy to reach a great viewing platform, which overlooks the amazing colors of the ocean, the beaches of the island, charming coves and the sea of ‚Äč‚Äčtropical greenery.

A group excursion to the turtle island is usually quite long and ranks full day. On the island there are diving hotels and schools, if you wish, you can stay on the island at the time you need and even pass courses with issuing a diver certificate. The cost of the course usually ranges from 300 to 500 dollars, usually the price includes rental equipment and accommodation during training.

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