Turquoise Ponds Career Harpur in England

Turquoise Ponds Career Harpur in England

Locals call this place "Blue Lagoon". But appearance can be deceptive. In fact, water in the pool is blue due to chemical pollution.

Quarry Harpur in Bakstone Quarry Harpur, England

Near the coastline there are signs warning people about the dangerous content of the pool. Looking for warnings, flooded career has become a popular holiday destination.

Karrier Harpur in England Spacer Career

Young people and even whole families gather here to break the camp, swim and arrange parties with drinks all night, because in the pictures this reservoir looks truly impressive.

The attractive color of the water is caused by the surrounding limestone cliffs, which leash the calcite crystals into the water, turning it into turquoise.

Turquoise Ponds Career Harpur in England

Old Quarry Harpur Old Quarry Harpur, England

Calcium oxide in water increases the level of alkali to pH 11.3, which is only slightly lower than that of the bleach (pH 12.6) and ammonia (pH 11.5) – that is why the water here is enough toxic to cause skin irritation and eyes, Problems with stomach and infection.

Old Quarry Harpur in England

In June 2013, local authorities poured black paint into the water to reduce its attractiveness, and it worked. Tourists stopped swimming in it.

Turquoise Ponds Career Harpur in England

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