Turkey will develop medical tourism

Turkey will develop medical tourism

Medical tourism in our country – one of the new travel destinations. Today, treatment abroad has become affordable for us, and, in some European clinics it may be even cheaper than in our. Tourists often combine treatment with visits to attractions and familiarity with local culture. For them, tour operators form batch tours, where the price includes both directly treatment or diagnostics, plane tickets, accommodation in the hotel and several excursions.

The most popular areas for treating abroad among ours were Israel, Germany, Switzerland and Singapore – those who need operations or complex treatment, writes http: // Medicine-Tour.RU /. Tourists who want to improve health in sanatoriums, most often choose Hungary, Czech Republic and Belarus. Among the SPA directions, Thailand, Greece and exotic countries are most popular.

Turkey will develop medical tourism

Now another country has been published on the medical tourism market, previously considered in the main beach area – Turkey. Here, therapeutic tours are sufficiently developed, but they are mainly bought by the British, citizens of Eastern European and Arab states. While in Turkey is counting on attracting ours and Americans and plan to promote their medicine in Russia and the USA.

Note that in Turkey there is a infrastructure necessary for the development of medical tourism and there are opportunities for its expansion. However, Turkish doctors will not just convince ours to choose their clinic to treat, and not medical centers of other countries.

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