Tunnel of life “in Sarajevo

"Tunnel of Life" in Sarajevo

Within four years, this 800-meter tunnel was the only means of interaction with the precipitated city.

In the spring of 1992, when Serbian troops surrounded the city of Sarajevo and began to bombard his artillery and sniper fire, about three hundred thousand citizens were trapped inside the native city.

Serbs blocked all access roads to the city, reducing food supplies and medicines. They also cut off the city from the water supply, electricity and heating.

People are starved, and then the UN made a deal with Serbian nationalists to ensure the city the most necessary products and things. But, unfortunately, they were not enough to provide three hundred thousand people.

Bosnian engineer, Brankovich, developed a plan for a tunnel, which will connect two suburbs belonging to the Bosnian troops.

The construction of the tunnel began in January 1993 and lasted around the clock for the next six months.

Tunnel of life

The entrance to the tunnel was located in a unmarried house near the airport. Every day from three to four thousand people transported more than thirty tons of various goods to the city due to the tunnel.

After the war is over, the tunnel came into disrepair and most of the archives collapsed. But thanks to the owner of the house where the entrance was located, a small plot was decided to restore and make a museum.

Today it is one of the most visited museums of the Bosnian capital.

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