Trogir city-monument of UNESCO Sights of Split Travel Guide

Trogir-monument to UNESCO

Trogir – City with a rich history and at the same time – Sea harbor on the Adriatic coast. Settlement is located 27 km from Split, on a small island between the mainland and the island of Chioovo.

Bright small town Trogir (former traw) – This is a great place for tourists, interesting to its narrow streets in the form of labyrinths and medieval buildings. Founded the trogir of the Greeks as their trading factory. From these times in the appearance of the city quite a bit of memories: the altar of the goddess heer Yes, part of marble tombstone.

Trogir city-monument of UNESCO Sights of Split Travel Guide

Trogir – One of the most unique cities of Dalmatia, the famous castle architecture of the Romanesque period and the Renaissance period. This, as well as the presence in the city of the magnificent Cathedral of St. Love allowed in 1997. Assign UNESCO World Heritage status to Trogir.

Trogir is famous and its unique green zone – On the island of Chioovo there are beautiful beaches, overgrown with magnificent cypresses and pines. On the local promenade the mass of restaurants and cafes, and in the bay in the summer you can see a variety of models of arrivals for a yacht. In addition to architectural attractions of tourists attract cultural entertainment, which trocyr is rich in summer. Here are often concerts of classical music, theatrical performances and colorful folk festivities (for example, fishing nights).

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