Triennal of Contemporary Art in Falkstone

Triennal of Contemporary Art in Falkstone

Gold has long been a sign of high status, a good gift, and the products of it are beautiful. Therefore, many tourists, coming, for example, in the Emirates, go to the gold markets for precious ornaments. Yes, and in Russia you can buy high-quality decorations, such as Rings Pandora from gold and silver – a huge selection of gifts for girls is presented in the stores of this network. Girls prefer gold rings, pendants, bracelets, necklace and other jewelry. But men more like gold bars. No matter how surprisingly, they can be found on the British beach.

In the city of Falkston County Kent from August 30 to November 2, it takes the triennale of contemporary art. Within its framework and passes the action organized by the German artist Michael Sailštorfer. He buried on the local beach 30 gold bars of various sizes worth from 200 to 1000 American dollars. Searches for this treasure promise to become one of the most original events of the triennale.

Triennal of Contemporary Art in Falkstone

Try to find your gold ingot in the coastal strip can anyone. Searches are carried out during the low tide and are complicated by the fact that with each tide of sand is blurred, so the gold kits have to start hunting.

Art festival in Falkstone takes place once every three years. Special to look at him come numerous tourists. At the time of the festival, the entire British city becomes a big art platform. Many works of contemporary art are installed directly on urban streets and in public places.

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