Roman Temple in Evore Sightseeing Evory Travel Guide

Roman Temple in Evore

In Portugal today, only one real Roman temple has been preserved. He has nothing to do with the goddess of hunting (Diana or Artemis), and he got his name much later – Roman temple Diana. The Roman Temple of Evora is located five minutes walk from the Ceathedral of the CE.

The history of the temple is rooted by another 1 century n.NS., When he was built in the name of Emperor Ogastus, who was considered the deity, both during the board and after him.

The construction itself remained almost unchanged until the 5th century, when the German invaders, attacking Evory, made their contribution to the appearance, partially destroying the temple. In the Middle Ages, the remnants of the Diana temple were included in the Evore fortress and used as a meat pavilion that oddly enough, contributed to the fact that the Roman Temple of Diana escaped from complete destruction. Restoration began in 1871, as a result, all medieval extensions were removed, and this Roman landmark of Portugal was restored.

Roman Temple in Evore Sightseeing Evory Travel Guide

The base of the construction is 375 kV.M. 14 Cornfish, granite columns are located on a massive base, and that’s all that remains from the temple complex.

The staircase was located on the south side, but, unfortunately, it was not preserved to our days. According to UNESCO’s decision, the Roman Temple of Diana was included in the world heritage list.

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