Roman Mausoleum Attractions Cordova Travel Guide

Roman mausoleum

Cordoba inherited from the ancient Roman civilization not only his famous bridge, but also a unique Roman mausoleum. His ruins were accidentally discovered in 1993, when geological studies were conducted on the territory for the construction of parking.

The state of the structure was exclusively deplorable, but according to the fragments, which were found during the work of archaeologists, managed to completely recreate his appearance and proceed to reconstruction. Now the stone that was used for restoration work can be easily seen where the historical part has been preserved, and where new.

Roman Mausoleum Attractions Cordova Travel Guide

Roman mausoleum has a cylindrical shape of a diameter of 13 meters, and was originally used by the Romans to commit funeral rites. Archaeologists dating it with the 1st century of our era. Inside the mausoleum, a fairly well preserved camera for urn with ashes was discovered. According to the tradition of Roman colonizers, Mausoleum is located at the old road leading to Seville. Interestingly, on the markup, which remained on the stones, archaeologists found that there was another, smaller mausoleum next to the preserved mausoleum.

Mausoleums of this type are not characteristic of the south of Spain, the researchers concluded that the mausoleum was built under the order by the rather secured Romans, it is possible that the architect was specially invited from Rome.

Roman Mausoleum Attractions Cordova Travel Guide

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