Rock Monastery Sightseeing Gulls Travel Guide

Rock monastery

Monastery among the cliffs of the Holy Trinity, which is more famous called Rock monastery – The least studied Temple of Bulgaria. Therefore, he is like a magnet, attracts tourists and pilgrims from around the world and is the most visited tourist object of the Bulgarian Black Sea. There is a rock monastery in a pair of kilometers from the beach Golden Sands. From Varna will have to get 14 kilometers.

There are assumptions that the monastery was erected in the days of early Christianity, and a more familiar look acquired already in the tenth century. During the Bulgarian state, the Orthodox Religious Teaching – Isicazh. A large number of rapping Asketov monks go into impregnable cliffs for unity with God during prayer. For many years, the rocks become their shelter and refuge. As a result of such settlements and formed rocky buildings, including a popular rock monastery.

Rock Monastery Sightseeing Gulls Travel Guide

Rock monastery literally carved in lime breed. The complex of monastic buildings includes: kitchen, chapel, refectory, household buildings. The first scientific study of the rock monastery was held by Academician Shvvorpil. In 1889, he one of the first sketched an exemplary plan of the monastery. In addition to permanent exhibitions, unique, interesting exhibitions are held here.

Rock Monastery Sightseeing Gulls Travel Guide

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