Rock Dome Sights of Jerusalem Travel Guide

Dome of the rock

«Dome of the rock» – Central Sightseeing of Jerusalem, occupies a spacious place on the top of the Temple Mountain. If you believe the gifts that it was at this place that the world was created.

Distinctive feature of the mosque – Dome of gold, the diameter of which reaches twenty meters. Today the mosque is not acting. Temple built at the end of the 7th century. In all his long history, the construction has repeatedly subjected to destruction and fires. After each reconstruction, the building acquired new features, each time the mosque became more beautiful and majestic. W «Dome of the rock» The owners were constantly changing, they owned the Muslim people, then Christians. «Incorrect» Inside the temple was strictly not allowed. The complex is in the meadow, surrounded by steps. Feature of the construction – Several doors, each of which is rotated to different sides of the light. Walls decorate mosaics in traditional for Islam tones. Everywhere inscriptions from the Quran. Thanks to the special architectural idea, from any point of the temple you can see columns. The holy area that in the central part of the temple is located at two meters from the floor.

Rock Dome Sights of Jerusalem Travel Guide

«Dome of the rock» – the most ancient monument of architecture, and also this is one of the most important Muslim shrines.

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