River Mrvitz Sights Kolashina Travel Guide

River Mrvititsa

The influx of the Morach River is small, but from this no less beautiful river Mrvita. She also flows through the canyon, which, though less than Morachi and lasts only 8 kilometers, but with all this is one of the most interesting places.

The water of the river is transparent as glass, despite the fact that the depth in some places reaches 3 meters. In the summer months she is a little merge. But it is fed by underground sources and several streams, whose sources are hidden in dense forests. In the spring, when snow is melted, it turns into a raging stream and can be dangerous.

For fishing lovers, this is a unique place, it contains a mountain trout and several other kinds of fish. For lovers of wild untouched nature, it will be a great place for walking.On the banks of the river are growing beech forests, the stones are covered with moss, and when the sun falls on them, they seem to be sumps.

River Mrvitz Sights Kolashina Travel Guide

Of the interesting objects on the river, there are several vintage stone bridges, the age of some of them has thousands of years. They remained in memory of the rule of the Romans in these places.

On the banks of the river there is a picturesque village with a mill. It can be found in it with traditional way, and the hospitable locals will always be welcoming and will tell interesting stories.

River Mrvitz Sights Kolashina Travel Guide

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