Restaurants and cafes in China

Restaurants and cafes in China

China – Transport, Food and Housing

In China, we saw only a small part of the country along the northeast coast of the ocean and the borders with Korea. So everyone "general" Impressions are drawn from here. Read more →

TS58 | Autumn 2016

What can I say about Nanjing?

Here is my village, here is my home native. In this cozy district of Nanjing, where it was possible to find a simple hotel for 80 yuan, I was a little delayed. Read more →

Juan | Autumn 2015

Grand Tour in China

On the Chinese wall we were given 1.5 hours to get at least to the third level. I could pass 100m and found out that I’m afraid of heights, very steep steps and it was very hot. Read more →

Restaurants and cafes in China

Elena Ermolaeva | June 2016

Safely relax? Safely relax!

Sanya is famous for its pearls, coconuts and many products of them, as well as various tropical fruits and tea. But the most significant for us is bribing hotel service. Read more →

China: Yangscho. On the shores of a ring river

Yangsho – Charm. The city is small, grop between all these karst mountains, you can admire the scenery near any street. Right from the bus station. Read more →

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