Resorts Reunion Saint-Gilles-le-bath

Reunion resorts: Saint-Gilles-le-bath

Saint-Gilles Les Bains – one of the few beach regions of the island. By weekends and during the vacation period, this area turns into a local version of Santa Monica overflowed by tourists with a variety of restaurants, clogged beaches and constantly moving crowds of tourists.

All attention is riveted here to 20-kilometer Laguna And white Beach from coral sand stretching from Bukan-Kano To La Surie Shada (literally – "Hot mouse"). On both sides of this area, the beaches, as if on a special order of the designer, consist of black volcanic sand, which is especially impressive with the surrounding mountains or from the aircraft.

Resorts Reunion Saint-Gilles-le-bath

Muzey de Wiliel Earlier was the home of a rich and very influential Madame Pano Debassin and today offers familiarization tours of the estate and district. Madame’s condition was obtained on the supply of coffee and sugar, and the legend says that she was a very cruel hostess and that the cries of the slaves that I could still hear whenever the nearby volcano breaks through.

Between Saint-Zhil-le-bath and mountain slopes lies the area of ​​stunning beautiful waterfalls and water bodies. Lake system Bassin du-korotran most accessible and excellent for swimming and hot days provides an excellent alternative to the kneaded beach.

Resorts Reunion Saint-Gilles-le-bath

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