Resorts Mexico Cozumel

Mexico resorts: Cozumel

20 km from Cancuna Coral Island Cozumel sizes 53 per 14 km – the largest inhabited island of Mexico.

It is here, according to the statements of advertising prospectuses, the bottom can be seen at a depth to seventy meters! Underwater coral tunnels Punta Sur and Santa Rosa, Reef Barracuda and vertical walls of Marakaybi Dip (up to 50 m. depth) are considered one of the best (but also dangerous!) dive sites of the country.

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Caribbean cruise is good or not very?

The length of the ship is about three hundred meters, thirteen passenger deals accommodates about three thousand guests who wish to stand up on the exoticism of the islands, without making serious efforts. Read more →

Resorts Mexico Cozumel

Victor Skoltsov | April 2015

Cozumel. Mexico – the island that I did not hear before the trip

My walk began naturally from the port over the walls of which stores and cafes appear immediately. Many of this area do not even leave, and many go to the beaches and on excursions. Read more →

Cozumel. Mexico – Sasha was on the highway

The coat of arms of Cosmie on souvenirs for the collection I did not find, but I met on the concrete sidewalk. Precisely because of this plate I thought that a very nearby is some beach. Read more →

Resorts Mexico Cozumel

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