Religion in Sri Lanka

Religion in Sri Lanka

Sri Lanka. Mikhintale

The main highlight of the place is a pond with black water. There are also ruins of the ancient dwellings of Buddhist monks. Ruins like ruins, nothing special. Read more →

AS ELVIS | Autumn 2015

Sri Lanka. Kandy (Kandy)

The city of Kandy is the second largest and dense population in Sri Lanka, after the capital of Colombo. Above the city rises the statue of the Buddha, however, it rises almost over every city, over which there is a hill. Read more →

Linozka | February 2014

Religion in Sri Lanka

The last royal capital and the most sacred relics of Buddhism

Kandy – "high" Lankan city in the center of the country. Its height is almost 500 meters above sea level. I was on Sri Lanka during the so-called rainy season and in Candy often drizzled a small rain. Read more →

Heavenly pilgrimage

In the religious world, the peak Adam occupies the first lines for the priety. The temple itself built on the top. Under this temple lies a large stone on which there is a human trail of an impressive sizes. Read more →

Sri Lanka Buddhist. Kandy

Kandy is one of the capitals of old Ceylon. It is the city of Kandy is the third, on a par with Anuradhapura and a stronger, an angle of a cultural triangle, located in the very center of the island read more →

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