Regions of Italy Lombardy

Regions of Italy: Lombardy

Lombardia region (Lombardia) is located in the north of the country and borders Switzerland. This is the most populous (one sixth of the total population lives here) and the industrialized part of Italy, and its capital Milan is the biggest city of the North of the country.

The relief of the region is rather diverse – the mountainous alpine zone is stretched in the north (the highest point – Mount Bernina, 4049 m), replaced by south of gentle hilly hilly foothills, and still southerly turning into the plains of the Pandish lowland. Foothills abound in beautiful lakes (Garda, Lago-Maggiore, Lugano, Como, Isao, Orth, Idro, Vares, and others.), mostly stretched from north to south according to the valleys of pure mountain rivers.

  • Lake Como
  • Regions of Italy Lombardy
  • Pavle Vi Square with two Delskie Cathedrals, Brescia
  • Lake Lugano Coast
  • Autodrome in Monza

Such a variety of natural conditions and a well-developed rest infrastructure make the region by the leader of the North of Italy in the number of tourists taken, which a lot of contributes to the abundance of historical and cultural monuments of this land.

Lombardy is popular with outlets that are located around Milan. 100 km north of the city are the most popular of them – the SERRAVALLE OUTLET shopping complex, which sells the best European brands in stock scheme.

Every year fans come to the region "Formula 1", To attend the race in Monza.

Regions of Italy Lombardy

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