Regions of Great Britain Wales

Regions of Great Britain: Wales

Wales – the region of magnificent landscapes and majestic medieval castles – for each square kilometer there are more locks here than anywhere in the world.

The most famous castles "Defensive Ring", Built during the King Eduard I, who won Wales in the XIII century: Castle Harlech, towering on a cliff in the center of Wales, Castle Konvi, located at the mouth of the river, Bowmaris Castle on the island of English and, of course, the most impressive castle – Carnardon. In 1969, it was in this castle that the ceremony of introducing the Queen Son Charles in the title of Prince Welly.

Approximately the fifth of the territory of Wales has the status of the National Park – Rocky Vertices and Mirror Sloign Lakes, Sand Bays and Sea Bays, Mysterious Underground Caves Dan-IR-RFF – the kingdom of stalactites and stalagmites.

Cardiff, Capital Wales, – historical, shopping and cultural center of the country. .

Regions of Great Britain Wales

Saint-Davidz – The smallest cathedral city of the country. Here, in the Cathedral of the XII in., Stored the relics of St. David, the patron of Wales.

Near Solvin-Bay You can ride over the mountains in suspended cabins or right on the slopes on old trams. Ropes stretch as high in the sky that during the trip you can explore all the nearby coast and rocky surrounding hills.

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