Reference Monoterevni for Workers in England

Reference Monoterevni for Workers in England

Such villages were called monogors, as people involved in one enterprise or production lived there.

At the end of the 18th century, most monoglodes were usually associated with the mining industry. But after a few decades, such villages in the UK were built by owners of enterprises in many other industries, ranging from soap and ending with chocolate.

Many of the first monoglodes were built by landowners exclusively for aesthetic reasons. Rich people who are accustomed to live near luxury and beauty were very dissatisfied with the fact that the dilapidations of workers are located near their production or houses.

Old Baracks workers demolished, and in their place they built a beautiful monodome with all the necessary conditions for a comfortable life.

Reference Monoterevni for Workers in England

At that time, for a simple worker to get a similar house, there was a growing miracle. Therefore, the company every month examined thousands of applications for the desire to work on their production. And those workers who got at home worked more efficiently and fruitfully.

Almost all the monotrees developed the famous architects that are famous at the time, so each of these settlements has its own unique style and layout.

Today, many villages for workers are objects of England Architectural Heritage, and some are at all listed on UNESCO World Heritage List.

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