Railways and trains in Norway

Railways and trains in Norway

In Norway, there are five main railway highways РSouth Sarlandsbanene (from Oslo to Stavanger), Mountain Bergensbannene (from Oslo to Bergen), Central Devrebanen and R̦rombanne (from Oslo to Trondheim) and Northern Nordlandsbanene (Trondheim-Budo). In the train fjord zone, there are very few, on the extreme north they do not go Рthe railway canvas ends in Buda, so in order to get, for example, to Narvik, you need to make a big hook through neighboring Sweden.

Travel on trains is very silence (for example, the basic fare for travel from Oslo to Bergen is $ 40, from Oslo to Trondheim – $ 85), but a variety of shares and sales are constantly held. There are discounts with pre-booking tickets, for children, for several people traveling together, and, in addition, there are a number of options with travel tickets for 3/7/21 day. You can take advantage of any of the proposed options both in any of the railway ticket offices in Norway and through the official website of the Norwegian railways (WWW.NSB.NO) through a credit card.

Railways and trains in Norway

Tourist should be borne in mind that traveling by train in Norway will often be more expensive than flight by plane the same route. Exceptions are travel tickets giving the right to an unlimited number of railway travel. In addition, the baseline for the railway journey does not include the cost of the bedroom. Accommodation in the sleeping coupe increases the base value by 30-40%.

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