Railways and trains in Bangladesh Personal experience

Railways and trains in Bangladesh: Personal experience

Train tickets were redeemed in advance. On the appointed hour we go to the platform and try to figure out what a car us. All inscriptions on the ticket on Bengalsky, and most of the inhabitants of the platform do not know how to read. In the end we find "Chief of train", Tolstoy satumed uncle in a beautiful front-end suit and white gloves. He helps us figure out and highlights the fighter, who took us to our car.

Railways and trains in Bangladesh Personal experience

The first thing that rushed into the eyes of miniature of trailers. I have previously heard about the narrow scene, but somehow faced personally did not have to. We had a Sleeper car (sleeping), consisting of double and quadruple coupe. We occupy the first double. The windows are completely tiny and have a slightly descending flap glass, mosquito net and curtain. Shelves of the uphawned Dermatin battered, in addition to the lamp, there is still a fan. Folding table in our coupe was cut with meat. In general, the car itself was also not the first freshness, but looking through the window to standing on the next way a sedentary train, I thank God for this gift for fate. By the way, the composition was 2 newest bedroom cars. I do not know how inside, but outside and in Tamburah everything looked very and very presentable.

Railways and trains in Bangladesh Personal experience

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