Railways and trains in Albania

Railways and trains in Albania

Albania Railways are a real relic of the epoch of the 50s. In recent years, rolling stock “Updated” old passenger cars from Italy. Appearance and condition approximately correspond to the level of our suburban electrics. Often there are no glasses in the windows, restrooms or broken, or do not work. The average speed of trains is 30 km / h, which makes a trip by train absolutely not practical. Taking into account the small size of the country, much faster and easier to move on buses and route taxis, which, although somewhat more expensive, is definitely preferable. On the other hand, given the chaoticness of public transport departure, the country’s mountain relief and the extreme wornity of buses – the option with the train cost to keep in mind. It is worth adding that there are toilets in the trains, which is very relevant with long trips.

Railways and trains in Albania
  • Tirana – Shkoder (3 hours 30 minutes)
  • Tirana – Durres (1 hour 30 minutes)
  • Tirana – Elbasan – Barders (6 hours)
  • Tirana – Verra (5.5 hours)

Schedules can be found on the website of the Ministry of Transport Albania (http: // www.mppt.GOV.AL /) in the section “Transport”, Further “ORARI I LEVIZJES SE TRENAVE UDHETARE”. Site only on Albanian.

The unpleasant side of the trip by train in Albania is “hobby” local youth throw passing stones for fun. Tourist should be careful and do not sit by the window to avoid trouble.

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