Parkur among Razvalin

Parkur among Razvalin

Today I will tell you about the group of unusual adolescents, which despite the very difficult living conditions, in which literally every day can become the last, could find strength in themselves to take advantage of the city landscape in their favor.

Perhaps it is difficult to invent a more inappropriate territory for games than the disputed area constantly under fire. But a group of Palestinian teenagers thinks otherwise.

Once, the guys randomly hit the lens of the photographer Mohammed Salem. After watching the pictures, he decided to spend the whole day with them to learn more about them.

Many parents are afraid to let go of their children outside if there is a live road nearby. While adolescents from Palestine have to train their skills in Parkour right on the disputed territory between the two militant states.

According to the photographer, he was very surprised by courage and persistence of the guys with whom they go to train every day while there is a lull in the combat conflict zone.

Parkur among Razvalin

Young parkursors skillfully work out the most different thank and flip with ease bypassing ruins.

The most young member of the group of 13 years, and the age of adult 17, but they all dream about the end of the war.

The cherished dream of the guys is the International Championship of Parkour, which is held in various cities of the world.

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