Park Miniature Miniature Attractions Ostrava Travel Guide

Park miniature miniatures

On a small area, one and a half hectares there is a miniature miniature. The Park Miniature in the Czech Republic is not the only one, there is another in Mariana Laznes, but Ostrava presents us reduced copies of the most famous buildings in Europe, there are already more than 30.

Collection Park miniature mini in Ostrava Small but interesting enough, so the exhibition is popular both among adults and among children. Here are ancient seven wonders of the world, the mills of Holland, Prague airport, Berlin Brandenburg Gate, London Big Ben, Pisa and Eiffel Tower (as it is high enough, its layout turned out to be 12 meters high). Copies are very accurate, any engineer can envy this accuracy. Scale of structures completed 1 to 25. The exhibition also includes artificial reservoirs with ships layouts. Here is the railway with mock-ups of trains.

For children in the mini, the playground for games is also equipped.

Park Miniature Miniature Attractions Ostrava Travel Guide

In addition to the permanent exposition in the park, miniatur miniatures in Ostrava occurs many different exhibitions and cognitive programs.

The park was opened in 2004, from now – he is a favorite place of rest of the local residents and tourists. Minuni Park is working 10 months a year, closing only January and February.

Park Miniature Miniature Attractions Ostrava Travel Guide

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