Palace of Jyldyz Sights of Istanbul Travel Guide

Palace Jyldyz

The shores of the Bosphorus Strait are built up with beautiful palaces one better than another. So, among them it is also the Palace of Jyldyz – hidden in the depths of a thick park, he is like a pearl in the sink.

History of the Palace Takov: In 1880, on the picturesque coast of the Bosphorus Strait near his sign in the Marmara Sea, a confused villa for Mother Sultan was built. Then it was attached to her yet. In 1884, a prfasted park was equipped around the computer, in which the Sultan and his family loved to relax. Gradually, near the park and the palace began to build their villas Velmazby to be closer to the ruler. So, around the palace, the big amazing quarter of vintage villas and houses. In 1898, the palace was completed. He began to consist of three parts, each of which is built in its unique style from Baroque to classicism. Despite the difference in architectural styles, all three parts look amazingly harmonious.

Palace of Jyldyz Sights of Istanbul Travel Guide

The hotel is worth saying about the interiors of the palace. No matter how surprisingly, it has no traditional division for men and female halves. A huge number of halls and residential chambers of finish with truly royal luxury. The most beautiful is the ceremonial hall. His ceiling is painted by stars of graval gold, and on the floor lying fantastic beauty from silk carpet, which is more than 2 years old fabrics by hand the best fabrics of the Ottoman Empire.

Now the museum is located in the palace, which makes it possible for ordinary people for a while to feel like Sultans.

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