Pagoda Yueiano

Pagoda Yueiano

Pagoda Yueianau, built on the shore of Lake Duntinhu (g. Yuyanga Hunan Province), along with Pavilion Tenvanga in g. Nanchang Jiangxi Province and Poddoda Juanhalou in g. Uhana Hubei Province is known in China as "The three most famous ancient buildings south of the Yangtze River". A memorial plaque with a poem written by Fan Zhuangianham – the famous poet of Song dynasty (960-1197) is kept in Podgoda Yuyanloau.

The tower, erected more than 1,700 years ago, was used for military purposes already during the period of three trochequers (221-265.), later she served as a tower to conduct observations of enemy troops. Name "Yuyanowa" Pagoda found in the era of the Tang Dynasty (618-907.).

In its history, Pagoda more than once experienced difficult times: she repeatedly collapsed and rebuilt again. In this form, she was rebuilt during the reign of the emperor Tongzhi (1862-1875.) Qing dynasty (1644-1911.).

Pagoda Yueiano

The height of the structure reaches 15 meters. Three-storey wooden pagoda pepitate four powerful posts. Wide eaves with curved upwards attached ease. Pagoda Yueianau – masterpiece of ancient Chinese architecture: the whole design is collected without a single nail.

A rich collection is kept in a path "Dulyan" – Paired inscriptions from ten or eight hieroglyphs. Also presented twelve memorial boards from sandalwood, on which the story of this ancient structure is carved.

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